Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Riley Blake Fabric Challenge Finish

Riley Blake_Finished 2

Remember awhile back I posted a photo of the stack of Riley Blake Fabric I received for the Modern Quilt Guild fabric challenge?

RB_challenge bundleWell I finally finished that project! To be fair, I did take a break to work on homemade Christmas presents after receiving the Riley Blake. And I also scrapped the first project and started a new one a few weeks ago.

I also managed to tackle my fear of Cathedral Windows during this challenge. So not only was it a challenge to use the fabric, but also to learn a new skill/pattern!

RB_work in progress

Luckily, I had heard rumors that cathedral windows were a slow going process, so I never had grand aspirations to make an entire quilt. Instead I settled on a pillow, albeit a decent size (20 inches x 20 inches).

RB_almost finishedIt seemed to work best sewing in "chunks' rather than rows. The chunks (meaning 3 x 3 squares) helped minimize the number of points to match. And let me tell you, those points were tricky!

RB_angleAs for fabric choices, I used all 6 colors sent to me through the Guild. Then I added in the pink, red, and green from the Hipster line, and the purple dots, and purple chevron. Riley Blake fabric is amazing in terms of color saturation and brightness. I was going for the rainbow effect with this pillow, radiating out from the center in a symmetrical pattern. Though the pattern may not be noticeable to anyone but a crazy person like me. :P

RB_close up 3
One thing difficult about this pillow was the photography! I had no idea how hard it would be to photograph a white cathedral windows pillow. I could either get the colors to look fantastic (which is important because oh-my-goodness Riley Blake fabric colors are amazing!), or I could get the white on white "windows" to pop. But not both. Boo! I believe the close-ups are the best representation of the colors and windows (though that dark square next to the purple is blue! I swear!)

And finally, as if I didn't take enough pictures already, I just had to get a full shot in my off-white rocking chair. I inherited this chair when my grandmother passed away last year. She recovered it herself (her favorite color was blue), and it seemed the perfect opportunity to photograph it and my pillow. Maybe the pillow will even live in the chair from now on.

Riley Blake_Finished


  1. That is beautiful!

    1. Thank you! I'm proud of it....I hope it wins. :)

  2. This is wonderful! I just want to reach out and touch it!!

  3. great job! especially for your first time! hand sewing scares me, lol

    1. It was actually all done on the machine.